Are you free tomorrow morning at (say) 9:30 A.M GMT?

It was a simple question in an e-mail in order to meet for a Skype conference, but a slightly tricky one. Madrid is in GMT+1… Except on Summer Daylight Saving Time, when it is in GMT+2. So if you don’t pay attention you can totally miss the conference. Fortunately, I was reading the e-mail in Gmail, and I noticed a pale dotted line under the time. I clicked on it and, to my surprise, I found this:


The guys in Google have developed the feature of adding events to your calendar by directly clicking on the time in the e-mail. As you can see in the caption above, you can not only set the date, but it also shows you a little timetable on the right where you can see if you already have an appointment near the hour you have been asked about. And, of course, it automatically makes the timezone conversion.

I don’t know for how long has this been working, but I must admit it, I really love finding out these small details, simple as they are, but also brilliant and extremely helpful.

Those small features that make a program great
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