emacsWhen the discussion Vim or Emacs arise, I’m always the third party, the one that says “Well, I actually use Sublime Text”. And I have actually been able to convince some people to move from other editors towards Sublime. I think it is a great environment, very flexible and customizable.

I recently realized that, if I have a file open in Sublime and I modify it from somewhere else, Sublime doesn’t refresh it automatically. And there is not a hotkey nor menu item to do it. If you wanted the latest version of the file, you had to close and reopen it.

But it is possible to assign the F5 key (or any one) to refresh the file for you:

Go to Preferences -> Key Bindings – User.

Add the following line:

{ "keys": ["f5"], "command": "revert" }

And that’s it! Now you can simply press F5 and the file will be reloaded.

Refresh files in Sublime Text 3
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One thought on “Refresh files in Sublime Text 3

  • May 27, 2015 at 7:33 am

    cool.. Thanks.. It works great


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