gumbyJust for fun (and a little bit because of all that time I spent teaching Automaton Theory and Finite Languages, which included a lot of time explaining Turing Machines), I have written Gumby, a very small brainfuck interpreter. It is a first draft in Python (2.7 or above). It is, for now, a very early version that doesn’t include the ‘,’ instruction (read from stdin), has barely been tested, and lacks any kind of refinement in its code or documentation. The main idea behind this project is to get more practice coding in Python in order to master the language, and to play with what I believe is a quite funny and interesting esoteric programming language.

I intend to develop some nice functionalities for the interpreter, like interactive mode, command-line debugging and ensuring code robustness, so anyone studying Turing Machines could use Gumby to run some programs, being brainfuck so close to the basic TM set of movements.

Gumby can be downloaded from my github page [1]: The Gumby Project.

And the name of the project is, in case you were wondering, a tribute to the Monty Python.

[1] It is my first project there, but I grant you there will be more to follow.

Gumby: A brainfuck interpreter
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