linkedinLinkedIn’s skills endorsement sounds like a very good idea: people that have worked with you acknowledging your expertise in certain technologies, programming languages or even soft skills. But recently I have started receiving endorsements for skills I don’t really have which I didn’t include myself in my profile. Or sometimes in skills I don’t want peole to know I have. I don’t want to be considered an expert in Matlab, nor in the CoSy compiler framework. I’ve worked with them both, yes, and I know my way around them, but I’m far from expert, I don’t like using them, and surely they don’t define my profesional trajectory. So I wonder where those endorsements came from.

I’ve seen, when I log in my LinkedIn profile, that it asks me to endorse skills of some of my contacts. I can only guess that this is how I got some of those meaningless -even misleading- endorsements.

That’s why I don’t endorse other people’s skills unless I am really sure they have the skill and that the endorsement can contribute to the professional image they project to the world. And I kindly ask you to do the same when you are requested by LinkedIn to endorse some of my skills. Otherwise, what could be a useful resource becomes a pointless exercise in random clicking.

Endorsement: Thanks but no thanks
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