More than a year ago I wrote a post where I foolishly stated that I was going to finish my Ph.D. Thesis before my daughter was born. Silly me. Abril will be one year old in less than a month and it was only last week that I got to know the date for my viva -the 7th of March, in case you were wondering.

In order to celebrate that new step towards the end, this post talks about the quotes that decorate the beginning of every chapter of the Thesis book. Sometimes I think that research takes itself way too seriously, and I often find myself struggling to read a full paper without falling asleep. As if the only way to communicate research results were to write them down in the most stern and spartan possible way. And then sprinke a few unintelligible figures and formulas around (it’s not by chance that I have that particular strip in the Publications page). I, on the other hand, think that there is nothing wrong with sounding close and open when communicating the results of your research. Also, that communicating your ideas effectively is just as important as the ideas themselves.

Now, given the inertia of the research community (and publishing, but that’s fodder for a different post altogether), it is not easy to apply a different approach when writing down the results of your research. So for my Ph.D. Thesis book I took the liberty of, at least, adding a few quotes at the beginning of each chapter in the hope of making my readers crack a smile from time to time. Also, as a way of saying that one cannot take everything for granted and… uh, yeah, right, no jokes about grants in academia. Sensitive matter and all of that. Anyway, here are the quotes:

  • Beginning of the book:


  • Chapter 1 – Introduction:


  • Chapter 2 – Related work:


  • Chapter 3 – Methodology (1):


  • Chapter 4 – Case studies:


  • Chapter 5 – Methodology (2):


  • Chapter 6 – Tools and framework:


  • Chapter 7 – Conclusion:


  • Appendix A:


  • Appending B:


  • Last page of the book:


Ph.D. update: It’s all about the quotes
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