Let me share my thoughts with you while I’m still angry about some recent developments.

Most of us work in computer science, electronics, hardware design or research because we are passionate about it. Because we are curious. Inquisitive. Because we love the feeling of facing an impossible problem and yet solving it. We are hard workers and resolute. Some people will call us hard-headed or stubborn, and they will mean it as an insult. And yet, we see it as a compliment. We are able to extract the elegant, simple patterns from the most convoluted sets of seemingly random data. We are architects of the abstract, and yet the results are very tangible.

We love what we do and, when we look around our office, we know that those that work with us love what they do as well.

And that’s precisely why we need to be ethical with our work. We must behave professionally, support one each other and acknowledge the effort others put in their job. We can’t just go around discrediting the work of others, stealing the work of others. Ours is a profession where people embark because they love it and they are excited about the possibilities of it all. We can’t turn it into a back-stabbing contest, a race where kicking your opponents out of the track is a valid way of winning.

When someone acts without professional ethics, they lose any respect I could have for them. I refuse to work with people that don’t respect the work of their peers. Unprofessional behaviours should not be, must not be, tolerated. And I will not. I love what I do, I’m as proficient as any in what I do, and I will not waste my time with people that will only use that for their own benefit.

Professional ethics
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